About Us

aviationCrewResources is an EU-based provider of wide array of aviation crewing solutions.
We are your partner in airline operations. Priding ourselves on promptly delivered flexible solutions, our competent staff has years of airline experience ready to consult and offer efficient crewing solutions with starting airlines as well as with company expansions and introduction of new fleet or routes.  
Our services include:
- Recruitment
- Crewing solutions of both flight and cabin crew
- Wet lease of aircraft
- Airline start-up and operational consultations
The extensive knowledge of the field, years of training, crewing and airline experience grants that AviationCrewResources will be able to assist promptly in situations of changing demand such as:
- Start-up companies
- Seasonal flight demand fluctuations
- Expansions of fleet
- Entry into new markets or aircraft types
Our strong background in the industry guarantees a high-level, reliable, cost-effective and efficient service that is brought to you by our team of experts.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any requests – either long- or short-term – we will come up with a fitted solution meeting your needs.